Episode 7: John C. Havens

This week, Tom has a conversation with author, speaker and consultant, John C. Havens. John has written extensively on the relationships between happiness, data privacy and AI.

John C. Havens Podcast Show Notes:

1. Happy - The Movie

2. Palantir - Data analysis systems 

3. Project VRM - Doc Searls’s Vendor Relationship Management project

4. acxiom Data Services

5. The Cluetrain Manifesto by Weinberger, Locke, Searls and Levine

6. The Intention Economy by Doc Searls   

7. John C. Havens’ Mashable articles

8. Our Final Invention by James Barrat 

9. Steve Omohundro’s Wikipedia page 

10. Sentient Technologies

11. Sustainable Brands 

12. Foxconn workers being replaced by robots 

13. The Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford

14. Universal Basic Income Wikipedia page

15. Jibo, a social robot for the home 

16. Pepper, a social robot for the home

17. Affectiva, measuring human emotion

18. Future of Life Institute (http://futureoflife.org)

19. Jason Millar and the AI “tunnel problem”  

20. Jason Lanier - The Myth of AI

21. Robots Are People, Too by John Frank Weaver

22. Stuart J. Russell - AI scholar 

23. John C. Havens website