Pieces and Parts

The thing that most people don’t yet appreciate is the vast ecosystem that is developing around AI and robots. That system is comprised of lots of pieces and parts that will soon begin converging on devices that will utilize them all as needed.

Take Quill. Quill is a software platform that describes itself as, “artificial intelligence at machine scale.” That means that the platform can be applied to analyze all kinds of data, at any scale, which it will then summarize in “data-driven narratives” for specific audiences and purposes.

Think about that.

I have a data set…say, reader traffic to RoboPsych.com…that I want to understand. Theoretically, I can employ Quill to analyze that data and provide me with a set of insights and conclusions in narrative form. That means the system will tell me what is interesting about that data and give me hints about what I can do about it. Of course, Quill is currently pitched to business clients.

But, what will it be like when Quill-Lite comes out and can be run on a robot like Jibo? What will it be like when I can say to my bot assistant: “How much have I spent on gasoline in the last three months? How much could I save by adopting what kinds of habits?” Or, "here's the list of food I've eaten and activities I've engaged in over the last month that Jibo's kindly recorded for me. What do you think I should know about this dataset, Quill; what's interesting here?" As this site puts it: "a kind of executive summary of the self"

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

And, this is where RoboPsych comes in. When early adopters acquire new, ever-present AI, our ability to use this kind of intelligent assistant to it's maximum abilities will be a key factor in being successful. The competitive advantages of this technology will be so pronounced that it will become another “haves/have nots” factor.

So, it’s key to see the current developments of system components…pieces and parts…like natural language and speech recognition, empathy engines, telepresence…in a holistic context. It's not that the individual pieces and parts are that interesting in and of themselves (some may interest you and and others may not) but that the overall AI/robotic system capabilities are being created in functional apps.   

Soon, bots will combine apps just like PCs and phones did, giving us all an intelligence boost that we're just now beginning to appreciate.

But, we need to be psychologically prepared to use this technology to its fullest: we need to adopt the RoboPsych mindset that will enable us to take advantage of the next phase of our evolutionary journey.