Episode 36: Aimee van Wynsberghe, Ph.D. - Latest in robotics

Show Notes: Aimee van Wynsberghe

Ep. 28 - Kathleen Richardson, Ph.D. - Campaign Against Sex Robots

Kathleen Richardson, Ph.D. - February 1, 2017 - Show Notes

Ep. 27 - Julie Carpenter, Ph.D. - Human-Robot Sexuality

Julie Carpenter, Ph.D. Show Notes

• Dr. Carpenter’s website

• Dr. Carpenter’s previous RoboPsych Podcast interview on military use of robots

• Freud’s article, “The Uncanny

• Dr. Kathleen Richardson’s Campaign Against Sex Robots

• Masahiro Mori’s “Uncanny Valley” 

• Dr. Carpenter’s TEDx talk: Humans + Robots: Dream Machines

Ep. 26: Alain Kornhauser, Ph.D. - Self-Driving Vehicle Update

Alain Kornhauser Podcast Show Notes - 01/04/17

Ep. 25 - Josué Cardona - Tech Adoption Pace and Social Robots

Josué Cardona Show Notes - Episode 25

Episode 23: Tim Hornyak: Robots and Japanese Culture

Tim Hornyak Show Notes

Episode 22: Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is an Internet pioneer and author. In this episode of the RoboPsych Podcast we discuss his latest book, The Inevitable and the implications of Artificial Intelligence and robots for the next 20 years.

Kevin Kelly Podcast Show Notes